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tv   newsgrid  Al Jazeera  October 7, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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stream and one of their pitches might make them actually join the global conversation at this time on. the. way. during the week with detailed coverage this is what you mean when you go to find. hundreds like these for in the past few months from around the world there are also hundreds of thousands of arabs that have arrived here in recent years fleeing by so they feel very let down by the baghdad government. this is al jazeera and live from studio fourteen here down to their headquarters in doha and. welcome to the new script syria's war back in the spotlight as the free
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syrian army begins an operation in fact by turkey the battle against a group. made up partly of the old nasir from the president is vowing he wanted to allow a quote terror a corridor all along all syrian border also on the grid the protests against person on the russian president sixty fifth birthday there are opposition demonstrations against his will in major cities across russia the crowds are gathering in st petersburg that is the protests how strong will the response from the state. and then puerto rico the cleanup goes on after hurricane maria but already residents are worried about the long term i've seen it all before the big developers move in after the devastation has been cleared the need to build them out of what was once their home. have come under fire for his response. but some tech giants have to help reconnect people.
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you with the news grid streaming online through you tube facebook and at al jazeera dot com a major military operation is underway in the syrian province of idlib today one of the last areas in the country under rebel control turkey has sent its army to secure the border it's troops supporting the free syrian army which is fighting to take the area from. this is a group made up partly of fighters formally linked to al qaida so we've seen turkish military vehicles making their way to the border this was late friday night but they haven't yet crossed into syria all part of a wider push to secure a place which has been designated a future deescalation zone after an agreement was made between turkey russia and iran here is turkey's president now talking about this military operation a new step to secure. what are called. we have opened
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up a space in our region with operation euphrates shield and now we're making if is to take a step forward by maintaining security and. today there is a serious operation in a loop and it will continue because we have a brother who came to it lib fleeing violence in aleppo we can tell them whatever happens happens you can either die or survive we have to extend a hand to our brothers now this step has been taken and it is underway. so here's a map to satisfy from live you idle com which is actually what a lot of our who controls what maps are based on this is basically northern syria red areas in government the green area is it live province. which is the color for rebel control there it labe city itself close to the turkish border only about fifty kilometers which is obviously why turkey is involving itself here two points to note which i'm going to zoom in on here you've got one here this is called baba howa excuse me one of the few crossings that remain open on the turkey syria border
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that's where we saw those if they say forces hidden and there's also just over here a little icon of a crane there this area to the west where they've been reports of turkey dismantling parts of the border perhaps giving itself more access to what's happening on the syrian side and that's where we believe the turkish troops are for now we're off to the border itself. and has there reporting on this one of the latest from you. there's a military build up which still continue years in the babil how a border crossing turkish army along with free syrian army factions mainly pro turkey factions we don't know a lot about the details of this military operation but what we know so far is that this is likely going to start with phase one where the free syrian army is going to cross into the border the military operation and try to take on to his positions in the lead for the time being the turkish army will provide logistics support
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intelligence gathering but also can use its artillery to pound or break the defense lawyers of tahir salman pave the way for the syrian army to take over the. next phase would be basically the turkish army crossing into. it and taking control of the city as part of the deescalation process but it remains to be see what will be the reaction of the to have this because as you said. this is the most powerful rebel faction in syria it controls the whole of it live province it was affiliated with and with al qaida in the past with branded itself and then merged with different factions and in june they managed to claim control of the whole of their province of edge of so this is likely going to be likely to going to see more intense fighting in the next coming days hashim tell me about some of the
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potential challenges for the turkish army here. two major challenges here for them to be able to move into it live they will have to ensure that all the pockets of resistance all the mountainous areas the cave networks are clear safe and for them to move into the city now when they move into it live with all the factions hand over their weapons or are they going to continue keeping the weapons now second thing is whether the army the syrian army be allowed to come into the area or this is going to be some sort of a buffer zone with the rebel factions operating. the second major challenge for the syria for the turkish military is the town of three which is all the all the border with turkey was still under the control of the as the which is a coalition of kurdish fighters turkey has been saying in the past that the whole
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border area has to be free of kurdish factions we don't know at this particular stage whether the kurds will be forced out of our free or whether there are some new arrangements with with the iranians the turks and the russians about how to move forward so these are the main challenges facing the turkish army which has in the past said that it is willing to maintain a safe more than butter same time it does not want to see itself down in the northern part of the syrian conflict for a longer period of time thank you for all about hashem a whole barreling down there reporting on the latest developments in libya well our own lives in adelaide himself someone who got in touch with us and says people there believe a turkish presence could protect them from government and strikes but they're also worried it could lead to more violence have a listen. most syrians here will come this interference because they said that.
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turkish forces our church exists in mind to protect them from. hell that might come from russia and regime war planes. but of course at the same time they don't want any confrontation. because this might get me. just watching more paddles and more catastrophes for disobedience yeah let's go to istanbul now speak to one and all but i has a lecture at the stone bowl i didn't university thank you for your time why do you think turkey is doing this now and president as well but maybe this is just his style very forceful about the whole operation. well actually there are three main purposes why turkey is doing this at this particular moment of time the first one they want to impose all to enforce the escalation
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zones that has been agreed on in our standard talks and they want to enforce it on the ground the second issue is turkey is highly interested in finding a way to fill in the vacuum after this really sham the aphelion of al-qaeda is defeated what's who is going to fill the vacuum after they're driven out of from province and the most important thing in case. didn't show any kind of compromise or any kind of concession to start negotiation the people will face the same distance the same fate that the people faced after the operation started a late in two thousand and sixteen so turkey is not going to have them inside turkey because already they have more than three million refugees the only place they could hold them is the afrin province that is mainly controlled by the y.p. g.
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or they syrian democratic forces and that is the kurdish militias that turkey considered the aft should of the p.k. the kurdistan workers' party that is the terrorist organization here in turkey so from the one hand they want to push these athletes away from these provinces so in case they couldn't agree i mean russia iran and turkey. after they are a sham withdrawal from the city then the people in case of any escalation will leave this city and move to afrin allow for all al-bab that has been liberated with the effort to see and process that lead on a well geo political level i guess this isn't just turkey involved here this is iran as well this is potentially russia there was talk russia would even be supporting this from the russia of course a supporter of the syrian government how does all of that time together. it is very ironic a couple of days ago both russia and iran were the enemies of turkey qatar and
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saudi arabia now the whole process have changed and they reshuffle the whole alliances in the region now turkey russia and iran as regional powers they do believe that the noninterventionist policy of the rock obama left them no choice but to be themselves involved mainly turkey then the no policy of donald trump in the region he is completely. a busy with his own business inside the united states left turkey no other options but to find its own geopolitical interest in the region now with iran iran is a major problem recently they agreed to have a kind of a convergence in terms of per spectacles with turkey because of the k r g or the kurdistan regional government that if are in the the kurdish problem is an eminent threat to iran as well threatens its territorial integrity so would eurabia and
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it's our approach money with russia recently the king of salamander visit to russia is also another issue on the table so they have no other choices but to move here that with x. a plane this kind of diplomacy a shuttle diplomacy happening between iran and turkey and also on the other hand the other camp you find that sewage arabia is trying to find another way to get into the process and to be involved incredibly complicated as an anomaly but i joining us from istanbul thank you for that. syrian war has arguably been well out of the spotlight recently but never forget this has gone on for well over six years now we've got a ton of online content. at al jazeera dot com but this is a really good starting point syria's civil war explained from the beginning it includes that full documentary of the graffiti incident which sparked a whole thing as an explanation of all sides there is video there's what the situation is today syria's civil war is all you need to search for an al-jazeera
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dot com and if you want to get in touch with us here's how to do it here come you contact the jail's the hash tag. going after forgive me here my throat is a little bit so what has to is a j news group on twitter we are at a.j. english facebook dot com slash a.j. news gritty they come now facebook news grid is the live stream where you can watch and comment as you want and the what's that number coming up in a moment it is plus nine seven four five one triple one four nine comments questions and any well video or photos that you can send us to help tell us the news send it all in to us what should we move on to russia ok it is the russian president vladimir putin's birthday and protesters are giving him an unusual gift instead of celebrating his sixty fifth birthday many people are doing quite the opposite they're out protesting and they've been scenes like this playing out across several cities in russia the marchers also in support of the opposition leader alexei. who is serving a twenty day jail term after calling for anti-government protests which of course
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allowed and yet in moscow they have happened even though they are not allowed how is the day passed off. well i think there were two notable things from today i was out on the streets of moscow at the rally in pushkin square the first notable thing for me would is the low numbers really there were i think maximum a thousand people on the streets today where is if you compare that to previous novelli demonstrations this year where perhaps ten thousand fifteen thousand people were coming out that was in the summer and the spring those were illegal un sanction demonstrations as well and yet people came out regardless this time it seems not nearly as many he did call the second notable thing that i found was that the police activity the police presence was was considerably
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dialed down i didn't see want to arrest what. right and we've lost our a challenge i think there he goes ok we're really telling us though about his views on the protests saying that maybe the numbers weren't as big and certainly the police presence wasn't either but this is not something the russian government takes any risks with i guess we shouldn't forget that i'm a persian has been the dominant force in russian politics for seventeen years now he's been in power either as president or prime minister since one thousand nine hundred nine and is yet to rule out a run of the sixth term of either of those but he's long been accused of clamping down on the opposition remember five years ago putin signed an anti protest law which was referencing the dramatically increase the fines for people who took part in protests that violated public order rules that was in reaction to a wave of anti kremlin demonstrations in that same year of two thousand and twelve we've got public with us now defense and military analyst
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a russian foreign policy specialist joining us from moscow nice to see you what did today tell you with regards to the strength of the opposition movement and how i guess confident they feel to get out on the streets. well the opposition exists and what's important about the. opposition is that he has representatives not only in moscow or st petersburg but all over russia smallish but still protests were in many many time towns all over the country he has. organized his organization is present that's a fact and what really surprised activists what they were telling me was that the police really behaved themselves in moscow and actually other places there were no mass arrests as are typical and such an authorized gatherings here in moscow they were out in strength the poetess but they just sort of blocked in some places same
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the protesters go in just to the kremlin but they were allowed to kind of roam around the streets for some time until they got bored with this something. that's been a defender saying maybe that's because of his. finish you thought well that's because many believe it's because of putting birthday. or so very we sort of even it had structures not to be brutal. ok so it's a very different sort of movement then isn't it and i wonder why that is maybe simply because the opposition know what can happen when the police use their force and they don't want to be in the line of that. well did they also in the have first half of the day was rather a ring in moscow cold though it's the rain ended in the second half so not so many people turned out but that's not so important there is an opposition in russia
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there is this content based not so much an opposition is basing this content and not so much with maybe with putin personally but in general with the government in russia it's true they should know that the czar is separated from his boy from the government. but the household incomes have been forward for four years in a row and this is a basic discontent that while he's trying to ride not in the coming of course the actions and also actor he won't be allowed to run and anyway would never be putin in any kind of can prompt direct competition but he's trying to build up a movement or the basic discontent and this rather successful and very are going is a shoe in the savi i would say public health in how pleasure talking to you as always thank you this is a fantastic four part series online
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a down to zero dot com it is called in search of putin's russia takes you around the country meeting russians from different parts trying to find out as much as you can in such a massive diverse country what russians really want and why they have repeatedly voted for persian head sales have a look for yourself in search of putin's russia a four part series really interesting to zero dot com for that. tens of thousands of people have been out on the streets of the spanish capital madrid at this time in support of national unity after the planned succession efforts in the catalan region. and that the plans of the cologne was awash with the colors of spain's national flag as demonstrators appealed for dialogue between national and catalan leaders on friday the spanish government apologized for the violent response by police during the secession vote but gave no indication of softening its this is barcelona protesters dressed in white in support of peaceful dialogue between the two sides there is speculation the
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catalonia parliament will unilaterally declare independence as soon as tuesday so a guy who goes there with more. hundreds of people gathered here in the center of. all in the name of politicians from either side all this issue to get together and there has been an incredible amount of tension which has been building up since sunday's referendum and people here feeling that it's we're slowly missing all of this. glaring white. politicians to talk them out of the saying. that you've got and they're also saying yes we can encapsulate i think it's fine yes you can thank me you can result this dispute through a dialogue. because we wanted to stop between them i mean we put a solution to seven hundred twenty four maybe. peacefully and that each side
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demonstrate respect for one another to look down didn't just a moment just almost i think we need to express ourselves in the middle of such a polarized situation for both governments are taking us to the brink of disaster this rally is not just taking place in. catalonia and spain even in other cities in europe such as london there's a very real sense people who are attending this tensions on either side of this issue are really letting down the concerns of the ordinary citizens and that what is being done here is a lot of political gain for either side. is now most people including the european union believe that it is. that's necessary to bring the situation back from the very tense rights which has reached since the referendum last sunday come on is a really interesting region people there are actually very proud of being spain's wealthiest in the economy is about the size of portugal actually in accounts for
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almost twenty percent of. the prospect of a breakaway has made companies nervous compelling some to even remote hate. in the winding streets of barcelona bike tours a big business but s. their barber says she's worried the hostile political climate could scare off tourists especially those from the rest of spain. all only spanish people. got there and people are spanish people so it's more a problem of the government not enough. tourism earns billions of dollars and sustains thousands of jobs but it's just one part of catalonia is buoyant economy if the region breaks away it'll take twenty percent of spain's g.d.p. with it places like this are historical signpost this is a former textile mill now a university in state of the art media center it's
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a sign that catalonia has weathered tough economic times but is innovative to survive. a rise in is one of those innovators this by a pharmaceutical company is running clinical trials on a new drug for alzheimer's. but it is one of a growing list now moving some operations out of catalonia you cannot risk being in a breakaway republic with no automatic access to the european union we need to have the certainty that that is not going to be a regulatory change in regulatory in me with the understudies of the company as i'm a sponsor of the trial so we have the side to move our war. to madrid yes the economic fallout has caused the benchmark ibex thirty five stock index to see saw barcelona trade as active a trade say the market outlook is volatile at best they warn the entire spanish economy could crash if wealthy catalonia succeeds in declaring independence if you
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take that part from the spanish economy it will contract a lot of the g.d.p. it will mean for spain going to depths of one hundred twenty or even one of thirty percent for now the economic wheels are still turning but madrid and barcelona must either reconcile or agree to an amicable divorce if not this political crisis could herald an economic disaster. pennell al-jazeera barcelona spain. now some ports along the u.s. gulf coast have been shut down as hurricane nate makes its way to america storms already left destruction through central america killed at least twenty five people actually the u.s. national hurricane center says nate is gaining strength and will likely be a category two system by the time it makes landfall on the gulf coast could even hit man your lands in louisiana by late saturday and while an hurricane hit puerto
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rico the long road to recovery is beginning to yield some relief to some areas but that relief is mixed with suspicion that the whole operation could also open the gate to profiteering in poorer neighborhoods tansey has been to speak to some of the worried residents. the presence of the u.s. military and emergency contract is can be felt around the convention center of san juan and in the tourist district yet still over two weeks since hurricane maria made landfall almost all for puerto rico is without potable water ninety percent without electricity. like many neighborhoods we visited no one we spoke to from the low income san juan neighborhood of can you imagine kenya that seen any federal personnel helping to rebuild. eventually community leaders did asked the federal emergency management agency for topps to temporarily cover the eight hundred houses here without rubes but when a fraction of that amount was supplied so what the roads are too small or too small
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to long enough yeah. yeah yeah. tenure has a well organized community infrastructure that's been recognized internationally most recently winning the un's world habitat award. after the hurricanes of nine hundred twenty six and twenty eight and during the great depression the mangroves around the mountain penya channel was illegally squatted by those fleeing the impoverished countryside for san juan through robust community organization the twenty five thousand residents living here now legally owned two hundred acres of this land but their suspicion that authorities will use the aftermath of maria and the increased risk of hurricanes and flooding as a result of climate change to get rid of this community altogether. explains why this area is prized by developers who like the residents here have long been waiting for the promised dredging of the clogged channel intersecting it . all of san juan barry will become an ambitious tourism and economic development
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project that links though a city. that's happened before this was once the low income neighborhood of tokyo and san juan situated near a waterway authorities everything to the residents claiming it wasn't feasible to live on a flood plain or whether the city then built expensive housing office blocks on the puerto rico coliseum on the same land evan can or says she will not let that happen to her community in kenya. communities did not want that to happen to us that's why we created the interest to protect ourselves it's well documented that after hurricane katrina in new orleans developers swiftly moved in to have a low income communities and replaced them with hotels and expensive water from the problems but the residents of can you say they're aware of the dangers of post hearkened relief and reconstruction and that they're ready she had her time see al-jazeera can you know martine ten. so than sora if the u.s.
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government is apparently so slow off the mark here who is actually stepping up at the moment well usually you get governments the pin kemal it's usually also charities that come to the rescue during a disaster but there are some unlikely players helping out in puerto rico and its giant companies apart from donating millions of dollars they've also been offering crucial services now facebook has sent a connectivity team with emergency telecommunications support and that's because most of the island cell towers still out of service and american auto make an energy company tesla has come to the age of the caribbean island as well projects like this one here in hawaii might soon help our puerto rico tess's already sent a small team out with hundreds of power war batteries now they're being paired up with solar panels to provide much needed electricity but that's not enough because most of the island is without power so it's quite a serious situation there so what happened actually unfolded on twitter someone
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tweeted test to see it on must also seen him to rebuild puerto rico's electricity grid muskie is also a huge following online he replied that tesla had done it before and other islands which we saw earlier but it also depended on the puerto rican government well guess who actually took part in that conversation as well it was the governor of puerto rico and it generated a huge online conversation and islands governor tweeted most telling him to get in touch now what happened just less than twenty four hours ago was governor carter a salad sweet it that he had a great initial conversation with you know the teams and now talking exploring opportunities so he said we'll have to oversee now keep an eye on the mosque has got a history of turning twitter conversations and chats into something more in fact he struck a deal to build the world's biggest battery plant in south australia and that was through a conversation via twitter now where the mosque can actually. meet the energy
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demands for the three over three think about three point four million puerto ricans that only of course time will tell but how about this these high altitude solar powered balloons will be flying the skies of puerto rico very soon because the czech tech giant google has been given the go ahead to deploy them through its project moon and they'll be providing emergency saturday and internet coverage to the island like they did in puerto rico where they see a during a severe flooding now other online companies have also been helping out the home sharing website which i'm sure quite a few of us have been using is at b. and b. they've put together a database of its hosts that have opened their doors to those the displaced and if you go to the web site at the link that i'll just scroll through so you can see a bit more of that harken and maria and that project is available until october the teens now amazon has also been helping in its own way c.e.o. jeff bezos he posted this photo on instagram page and he said it was
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a plane full of the nation's nods in san juan on monday and also how about if you are high and would like to help out which is something everyone can do if you go to the go fund me page has a list of several initiatives that you can take part through i'll just show you a few of them that has lots of different initiatives so much money has been raised but obviously they need a lot more and we always want to hear from if you happen to anyone in port st over heard of any initiative a was nothing about them do tweet me saw the height of. thank you for all that sorry just want to move to developing news out of the u.k. several people hurt after a car drove onto the pavement outside of london's natural history museum now london police are not treating this as a terrorism related incident but you can imagine security is pretty high in britain after five terror attacks in six months four of them. were in london and one in manchester thirty five killed and cars were involved in some of those as well westminster bridge and london bridge is what about now if you don't know london too
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well i've got the google map ready here if we just use big ben houses of parliament in westminster as a starting point the natural history museum is not too far away it's in the south kensington area of the city this is the whole museum and i believe that the incident has happened on this street here exhibition street let's get some more details though neve baka live in london for us at the same bring us up to date now the. i mean when you hear me it's a mile and a half. apparently not that's a shame i'm just going to check for whilst we try to reconnect i've just got an update here london police are they keeping an open mind as to whether the museum incident is terror related which is sort of contradicting what was said a little bit earlier and. yes that's coming from the reuters news agency right
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let's try again with me can you hear me this time. i can indeed go for it may tell us what you know. when you join us first of all from one route which is in south kensington it's an area where there is a concentration of many launches museums here in the british capital the victorian albert museum just my left a bit further behind me the natural history museum an incredibly busy part of the city particularly on a saturday i'm going to step out of the way right now so i'll come out alex can focus on what's happening with the camera because a roughly twenty cost to local time reports all only really cool very off the main road that home to the pavement area. pulses boy were quick to respond to that his pleas of accommodation on this tree and some security
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guards and city pins the driver of that vehicle down on the pavement there are courts all several people injured we do not know at this stage how seriously they are what we are seeing right now. a lot of police here clearly police and regular police a cordon has been thank you mark shields we have just seen some forensic offices in blue that morning over a small evidence for exactly what happened here and as you say this is no it's not according to the police here in london being treated as terrorism related to the met police force or initially saying that an individual freedom arrested they never fight that later to say that that individual had being right ok there is a difference clearly if you will. restitch if you were arrested on suspicion of something if you are being detained you still need to be investigated as long who
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knows this part of the city are quite well what i do know is that exhibition road which is goes on for a. overload where we are too high has some very interesting road markings there is no official pavement no difference in height level between the road and the pavement it was a bit of an experiment in city planning some years ago when it was in the past or something usually for some drivers we don't clearly know what the cause of this is is being described officially as a collision the police are on time for are going to fill us in with more details in the coming hours ok naval come back to as and when things develop they thank you. now thick black smoke continues to billow from villages surrounding the iraqi town of how we govern it forces trying to flush out the remaining eisel fighters and we just sent it was recaptured from iceland thursday after a two week military camp and hundreds of myself fighters have since surrendered to the kurdish peshmerga troops in what looks like an attempt to avoid capture by the
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shia militia forces charles strafford has a report now from davis in northern iraq. shia militia forces and the iraqi army target eisel fighters close to the town of her. the battle for what was i saw last urban stronghold in northern iraq is over the fight is still occupy villages to the west of the city eisel has been using kabul to attack the advancing pro-government troops relative we destroyed this car bomb before it hit our convoy now our troops continue towards the village of freon which is strategic because it will help us secure the center of how we judge but there are many idees ahead. i still set fire to oil wells to try and make accurate coalition air strikes against them difficult most of these men are fighters with the iran backed shia militia known as popular mobilization forces ohashi the xabi.
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the isis sign reads we are hitting you hard you persians who reject the true faith . i still turn this building into us here we are locals to impose that distorted interpretation of laws and society when they saw we were approaching a towards a building and fled. villages welcomed the pro-government troops thank god you have liberated us says this man. a few kilometers away kurdish peshmerga make sure no i saw fighters scape it was thursday evening when the iraqi prime minister hyderabadi announced that the battle for how we was over now met a kurdish peshmerga defensive position here the peshmerga telling us that the smoke you can see on the horizon here is because shia militia groups in support of the iraqi military are launching fires in lysol controlled areas trying to flush out the last remnants of the actual fighters from this area since the operation against
6:38 pm
eisel in who we just started on september the twenty first the peshmerga say walden two hundred eisel fighters like these have surrendered here i saw now only control small areas of iraq near the syrian border government forces in the coalition say they are prepared for what they hope will be their final fight john stuff and al jazeera northern iraq ok we'll take a break from here and get some more international news from felicity veyron and. by so much come on and iran's president has warned donald trump that the twenty fifty nuclear deal is irreversible follows reports that the u.s. president is going to decertify the agreement but tension causing it to unravel iran agreed to limit its nuclear program in exchange for the easing of sanctions on its own exports and other industries has been rouhani says his country has really been if it's from the agreements that north even ten donald trump's could roll back
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. ambrose i got already caught today of the united states violates the nuclear deal the entire world will condemn america not iran amaryllis hold that same we have managed to stabilize our nuclear our people would always defend it as their inalienable right we have proven this in a little right at the united nations and in the world of diplomacy. bangladesh's prime minister says had government will continue to support the hinge of muslims who fled violence in neighboring me and ma shake a siena says they plan to build temporary shelters for the refugees who now number almost a million with the help of international aid agencies united nations has warned that is bracing for further the exodus of refugees from mandela to bangladesh well access to humanitarian aid is a problem for all those sheltering in bangladesh where the conditions all getting. jim has more from a refugee camp in coaxes the zoll. there in to refugees that you see in this very
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long line beside me they have been waiting here for hours today they are hungry they are desperate they are waiting for food distribution much needed food distribution and many of the ones we've spoken with they're concerned that by the time they actually get to the tent where the food is being distributed that there won't be enough left over for them this really speaks to the magnitude of this crisis a crisis that the u.n. is calling the most urgent refugee crisis in the world right now conditions in camps like this is the could to prolong camp and cox's are there absolutely appalling nobody expects they're going to get better any time soon now bangladesh's prime minister has said that this country will continue to support these refugees but the fact of the matter is aid groups humanitarian organizations they're very worried about the flow of aid into this country they're worried about the international community not donating enough for this cause and everybody we're talking to just is not seeing that this is going to get better anytime soon. the
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philippine president is being accused of trying to cover up allegations of corruption in his own family ordering of the thirty has been pushing for the impeachment of the chief justice of the philippines to print course and an ombudsman tomorrow and again has more from manila my president to be good to thirty is accusing opposition members of plotting to this that belies the government detectives says or buds month conchita carpio morale is and supreme court chief justice lord are part of a wider coalition that includes the liberal party and the leftist movement both were appointed by former president beneath the leader of the opposition liberal party or ellis office is investigating allegations that the terror to secret bank accounts containing hundreds of millions of dollars he acquired in his decades old stint as mayor of davos city in the southern philippines denies the allegations and
6:42 pm
impeachment complaint filed against supreme court chief justice has been deemed sufficient by congress the majority are allies of the third to. surrender is accused of committing irregularities in her statement of assets and liabilities a document that declares a government official's personal wealth said endo's lawyers say the allegations are baseless charges are. absolutely with. the facts and. do not constitute. under the. ground there dan has recently challenged the two government officials to resign with him. at least started it i did not start this rock. critic see the actions as a ploy to silence them senator let the dba
6:43 pm
a long time opponent of the take this policies. on drug trafficking charges a case mostly based on testimonies of convicted illegal drug traffickers. came from. a decades of being a political leader without realizing the nation is different from. what has become very defensive which. critics say deterrent to is treading on dangerous ground they say he's attacking institutions that investigate corruption and bad governance organizations like the supreme courts and the ombudsman that must remain independent and free from any political interference. danish police say they've recovered the heads and legs of a swedish journalist who died after going on and invent his homemade submarine came or was reported missing after going on a trip with the danish inventor peter madsen in august
6:44 pm
a torso washed ashore in copenhagen a few weeks later madsen says he buried wall at sea after he hit a head on the heavy hatch cover but police say they didn't find any fractious on wall skull which they found on friday nights and has been charged with killing the journalists and that's it for me now it's back to command in doha thanks for the suggest an extraordinary story that one isn't it now the u.s. president donald trump has taken steps to give employers more rights to deny insurance coverage to women for contraception previously that only been religious organizations exempt from the coverage but now any company claiming to be morally opposed to contraception can have the benefit removed diane estabrook with this report now from washington d.c. . it's a move that could impact millions of american women the trump administration is rolling back on obamacare mandate requiring insurance coverage for contraception the white house said effective immediately
6:45 pm
a new rule allows employers to refuse contraception coverage based on religious or moral reasons this is a president who supports the first amendment supports the freedom of religion i don't understand why that should be an issue the american civil liberties union was quick to respond it filed a suit in san francisco saying the rule violates the separation of church and state and discriminates against women but while the courts may exempt some employers from providing contraceptive coverage their workers might still get it anyway really they put a duty on the government to step up to the plate to provide a way for. the people who potentially stand to lose them and to get that coverage in another gesture to the religious right attorney general jeff sessions issued a number of broad guidelines aimed at protecting religious freedom one says religious
6:46 pm
organizations should be able to hire workers whose religious beliefs are consistent with theirs critics say that could allow some employers to discriminate against the l g b t community and others but for president trump the guidelines are a reaffirmation of the commitment he made to evangelical voters who swept him into office and who he continues to court free speech does not end at the steps of a cathedral or a synagogue or any other house of worship we are giving our churches their voices back we are giving them back in the highest form. with this executive order we also make clear that the federal government will never ever penalize any person for their protested religious beliefs but these moves could set the administration up for another long battle in federal court diagnosed or broke out zero washington sorry twitter is an argumentative divided place at the best of times on
6:47 pm
a story like this like an army a much and stories like that are quite divisive always several opposing opinions on this story battled out also on social media now most of the popular tweets are from the liberal side of the spectrum they're using the hash tag hands off my base thing now b.c. of course is short for birth control and actress kerry washington she also tweeted asking so it's not look at time to talk about gun control but birth control is all right to regulate thoughts of course part of the key of the key conversation that's been happening in the wake of last week's shooting las vegas where some say they'll be talking about going to control after later time now along the same lines democratic leader nancy pelosi tweeted if the president cared so deeply about the constitution he wouldn't have just trampled on a woman's right to health now gracie and she has shared her personal story and it's been shared hundreds of times with people online and she starts to taking the birth
6:48 pm
control pill when she was fifteen who she says she had really bad periods that made her back out now feeling depressed and not wanting to miss out on school grace and have two options take strong painkillers or go on the pill and of course she chose the latter she said to avoid a possible opiate addiction and she said she's never had a blackouts since and here is something that doctors politicians and activists from across the united states have been posting online. we would never expect the religious or moral objections of an employer to back to rinse you out or treating patients cancer or whether or not they can get a blood transfusion for some reason we seem to think it's ok to allow employers to have an impact on the most personal decision a woman makes which is the decision on how to plan a pregnancy and that is absolutely unacceptable and we cannot have this continued contraceptive back access point almost half of the population and if i'm going to keep it the way i think about you know how hard contraception coverage not only for
6:49 pm
birth control give women another option to treat their medical condition. not all women take birth control just to prevent a pregnancy some women take it for iron deficiency some people take it because it helps clear up their skin some people take it because it helps reduce minstrel crabs so they'll take it for a bit because it reduces bone that it helps calcium deficiencies it's a hormone you're consuming basically and there are reasons other than family planning that women take birth control the administration's new rule to strip health care from women is unconscionable the reality is that when you take birth control away you take health care away in you take the the ability to actually plan your economic future birth control is health care and you can not strip that away from millions of women so we're going to fight hard to make sure that we bring this back for women to be up to make choices about their own bodies about their own
6:50 pm
health and about their economic future quite strong opinions that but not everyone agrees with the hash all of those opinions either but then he says the left is wrong to think it's in tights it's a birth control and this guy had done a lot of periscope and he was telling all that giving people the reasons as to why he's against it now that's if you shed by also by a blogger here right to pride and he's a self declared nationalist. it seems silly to get the government out of my uterus. then you want the government to pay you for your birth since you don't take some responsibility. just i mean i can i feel for you. there comes a time when you say it's a first response. of course is always will be following this story so make sure to check back in with us for any updates and you can. thank you for that still ahead
6:51 pm
on the news. professional sports team of any card. after a week. at the city would rather forget. the reaction and just. optimism has. been a crackdown.


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